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Buyer Trying to Trade Debate for Private Dinner

Steve Buyer would fly to Antarctica, freeze his butt off with the penguins and do the Macarena with eskimos before debating Nels Ackerson in the 4th District.

Our favorite congressman is now trying to change a Hendricks County Farm Bureau-sponsored debate into a private dinner meeting, therefore allowing him to control the guest list, Ackerson's campaign said today.

"Steve Buyer has been in Congress for sixteen years, and he's trying to avoid facing the voters in public," Ackerson was quoted as saying in the release. "We don't need secrecy here, we need public debates."

Ackerson challenged Buyer on August 7th to debate in each of the district's twelve counties. WLIO Radio in Frankfort, Frankfort Times, Purdue Student Government, Crawfordsville's Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter and Lafayette's Disabled American Veterans chapter joined the Farm Bureau in requesting debates. Ackerson has accepted every invitation; Buyer has not.

"We should be having debates that are open to the voters, open to the press, and near enough that people don't have to drive for hours to attend," Ackerson continued. "That's the spirit of American Democracy that I believe we should follow."

He pointed out that Buyer thinks he's "entitled" to his position and doesn't have to be held accountable for every wrongdoing.

"I think that's not right. I believe that politicians work for the people, and not the other way around," Ackerson said.

So that's what it comes down to in the ballot booth this November. The choice between a seasoned Washington politician who would rather staple his tongue to a rotted picnic table than face the truth and a seasoned Hoosier lawyer who understands the role a congressperson must have.

It should be a pretty easy decision.


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