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Thompson, Daniels Agree to Debates
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jill Long Thompson has finally agreed to three debates this fall with Mitch Daniels, the Indiana Debate Commission said today.

The first will be in Merillville on September 16th, then Jasper on September 23rd and Bloomington on October 14th. All three are expected to be conducted in the evening, with plans to allow any television or radio station in the state to broadcast the debates free of charge.

Libertarian candidate Andy Horning will apparently not be on the stage.

The Commission is made up of several newspaper and television executives, attorneys and instructors. Channel 8 news director Kevin Finch serves as president and Dennis Ryerson, of all people, is vice president. The idea, according to their website, is to "provide the largest audience, format and structure for candidates seeking elected office in Indiana."

So why not spread the debates into all three zones of the state? Have one in South Bend or Gary, another in Brownsburg or Avon and finish things up in Evansville or Jeffersonville. This way, people wanting to attend the events don't have as far to travel and questions can focus on that particular part of the state.

And make sure Andy Horning can make it.


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