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The Sacred Cow

Insight into the world from a devoted witness.


So what did I miss?

Let's see: The economy, already in a precarious state when I left this blog in August, completed its death spiral into the septic tank. Barack Obama enthralled the world by being elected the 44th President of the United States. A brave pilot landed a 747 in the Hudson River... and nobody got killed. Barack Obama made history again by being inaugurated, as an enthralled world watched again. Bailouts. Bailouts. Bailouts. AIG.

I know I skipped some things.

On a personal level, I have been spending the past several months redefining myself as a college student, friend and gay man. I officially came out of the closet Christmas Eve (that ordeal will be recanted in a later blog post) and have mostly found acceptance throughout the journey. Then, there's the Indiana Statesman, of which I am assistant news editor.

The Sacred Cow, like The Fourth Estate whose pillars stood strong before it, will lean predominately to the left on the political scale. There will be particular focus on the media, gay rights issues and The White House. I will also utilize RedLasso, once dubbed by me as the best thing to happen to the Internet. This time, there are no copyright issues to deal with (their fault, not mine.)

I may not be able to post every day... certainly not multiple times a day like I did on The Fourth Estate. However, certainly feel free to leave your comments and suggestions. As my friend Lori would say, it should be a dialogue - not a monologue.